The engineers at ARNETEX place their client’s network and data security as top priority. In today’s fast-paced world, hackers are constantly discovering new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and attack networks, emails, applications, cell phones and other types of technology. The fastest growing type of attack is Ransomware. The number of these type of attacks grew by 50% in the last twelve months. Let the experts at ARNETEX take care of all your security needs. We perform a thorough risk and vulnerability assessment before the on-boarding process to expose vulnerabilities and threats and provide you with solutions to mitigate these threats.


One of the most important tasks in keeping a network secure is ensuring that all server and computer patches and updates are current. This seemingly easy task is often over-looked or disregarded by a multitude of users. The agents that ARNETEX installs on all of their client’s servers and computers manages Windows updates by downloading and installing the updates after-hours and restarting the devices as needed. Engineers are alerted when there are issues with updates and they are quickly rectified. We also provide patching and updates of other applications that are in use.

ARNETEX provides cutting-edge virus protection to all of our client’s servers and computers.  Anti-virus protection is installed during the on-boarding process and is monitored 24/7/365.  All threats are mitigated on discovery.

Firewalls are the devices that allow you to safely connect to the Internet and other networks in your business. Though we support many brands of firewalls/routers, we recommend, install and configure Meraki firewalls for our clients.

The need for secure remote access exploded since the pandemic has required so many to work from home.  Our engineers can set you up with a secure VPN or provide secure cloud-based access that will connect you and your employees to your office network.

Phishing and SPAM are favorite tools of hackers used to infiltrate your network.   We recommend our clients use Google GSuite for email and cloud-based data storage.  Google implements a multitude of security controls that include those that stop phishing and spam before they reach the end user.  We also provide training for our end users on how to identify the latest phishing scams.

Every network has Internet facing equipment that allows data to flow in and out.  In today’s world, it is crucial that these connections are tested to ensure that they are secure and impenetrable.  We provide penetration testing as an added service to our clients. Our engineers monitor your networks 24/7/365 for attacks and mitigate any damage that occurs.

We provide our clients with leading edge backup and recovery solutions that employ off-site backups. These systems are monitored around the clock to ensure your data is safe and quickly recoverable in case of a disaster. Let ARNETEX provide a business continuity and disaster plan that will include ransomware, cyber-attack, natural disasters and much more.

Several industries have regulatory standards that must be followed. We work with our client’s individual needs and implement strategies and technologies that ensure compliance. Examples of some of the standards our current clients comply with are HIPAA, PCI, GLBA AND GDPR.


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